Voxel Galaxy is out ! 🎉

Our first project is available on the Play store now !

Hello everybody,

We are pleased to announce you that Voxel Galaxy is out and available on the play store after all this time and the difficulties encountered.

This is our first video game that we finished and we're really proud of it, even though it's not a really big project.

The game has known big modifications during it's development and we had a lot of issues for the optimization because of the buildbox engine that is limited and can create a lot of lag for little things, like the lights who were removed to reduce the lag of the game by 3 times.

The game is free and will be forever, but does contains ads to refund the money invested and (maybe) be payed for all the work.

Hoping you will like this game and have a nice day.

Voxel Galaxy is out blog !

Written in '2021-03-21' by Neil Augereau, CEO of the Coffee Interactive

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