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Voxel Galaxy 🚀

Voxel Galaxy logo

A fun, fast, casual and procedural mobile game where you control a spaceship in space.


Strange 🤫

Coming soon... flappy, messy mystery 😏

Of course a lot of new projects will come with the time ! But don't hesitate to discover those that already exist ! 😍

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Here and in the page with the same name you can find the entierety of the news, devlogs and informations about the Coffee Interactive !

  • The new website and the Coffee Interactive ! 🎉

    As you could saw the new website is here and with him a lot of news about the Coffee Interactive and a mysterious new project ! 😵

  • Update 1.1 | Voxel Galaxy 🚀

    Sharing, leaderboard, tutorial, bugs and (not really) a new power ! The new update of Voxel Galaxy is out !

  • Voxel Galaxy is out ! 🚀

    Our first project is available on Play store now for free ! Discover all the facts about his development ! 🤖

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