Update 1.1 | Voxel Galaxy 🚀

Sharing, leaderboard, tutorial, bugs and (not really) a new power ! 

The new update of Voxel Galaxy is out ! 🤖

More functionalities for the 1.1 !


Voxel Galaxy is out blog !

Because be number one is fun I have decided to implement this feature on Voxel Galaxy ! Now, you can have your best score on the leaderboard on Google Play !

This is complicated to say if there are way to cheating on the leaderboard but currently i'm sure about one thing, the Google Play leaderboard is secure for things like that but the game can be cracked, so we will see how is it evolving in the future


Voxel Galaxy is out blog !


Many people say to me "We don't understand what power do what and what crystal do what !", so i have decided to add this feature who can be usefull for many people to understand what is this or this ! Also, i have the idea to upgrade this tutorial in the next update of the game (like sections, and visual tutorial)


Voxel Galaxy is out blog !

Now, you can share your best score on the application or website of your choice, it was an easy method to be more entertainment for many people and to make known the game !


• Money bugs with the power of suppresion were resolved !

• The power of Suppresion was replaced by a power of Crystal destruction !

• The game is easier ( The bombs were moved and the closing door animation speed has been lowered  !

• Less ads 😉

Written in '2021-03-28' by Neil Augereau, CEO of the Coffee Interactive

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